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The test analyses disorders related to the difficulty of reading and writing. It considers most varieties of dyslexia (including elements: dysorthography, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and dysphonia). A test for children and adults.

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Autism Spectrum

The test looks at subgroups from the autism spectrum disorders (including elements: infantile autism, atypical autism, Asperger's syndrome, childhood disintegrative disorder and holistic developmental disorder).

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The test determines the likelihood of hyperkinetic disorder. Find out if you have elements of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Adapted version for children and adults.

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(Fear Of Missing Out)

FOMO - fear of what we are missing out on. Solve the test and determine the degree of likelihood of FOMO spectrum.

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Eating Spectrum Test

Solve the test and determine the likelihood of an eating disorder spectrum.

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* PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR APPLICATION IS NOT A DIAGNOSTIC TOOL. The result and analysis of a given test does not constitute a diagnosis of a disorder.
The Mind Test ™ application only determines the degree of probability of the presence of a given disorder based on a self-administered online test.

If you suspect you have symptoms characteristic of a condition and want a reliable diagnosis,
contact a psychotherapist, psychiatrist, doctor or health professional.

More tests coming soon!

Is there a charge for the service?

Yes, the cost of getting a score is $3.99

Reading the test analysis and access to educational materials
(in the form of a booklet or e-book) are paid for once.

What do I gain?

  • Access to the analysis - PDF
  • Educational materials - eBook
  • Advice and initial assistance

Availability and form

  • Result sent to your e-mail address
  • Direct access to the analysis
    on the website
  • Educational material
    in the form of files (PDF)
  • 24/7 support

How will I pay?

  • Quick payments (On-line)
  • Payment by card
  • E-wallet (PayPal)

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Why use it?

The Mind Test ™ app is a tool that allows you to determine the likelihood of having a particular condition based on a self-administered mind health test.

The app is not a diagnostic instrument, but gives an initial diagnosis based on a questionnaire. Mind Diagnostics aims to destigmatise mind health problems and help people find the support they need.


100% Protection

In order to ensure the security of our users' data, we use proven, safe and effective IT technologies.


The ability to use our solutions anywhere and anytime from a device with Internet access.


In addition to the basic functionality of determining the probability of a mind disorder, the user is provided with educational material related to the condition in question.


Take care of your health. Take a preventive test and take the appropriate steps.

How does it work?

We help people determine their mind health based on a completed test. We make sure that you get as much information as possible about your condition.

Regulations & Law

Our application allows you to perform online mind health self-tests on the basis of publicly available and/or modified mind health questionnaires for which you do not need government authorisations. We always try to emphasize the fact that our system does not offer clinical tests and it is not a diagnostic tool.

Test Analysis

The main purpose of psychological tests is the preliminary and general analysis of selected fields of a person's psychological structure in relation to a given disorder. Our psychotests come from open scientific sources and are freely available in the form of physical questionnaires. Although they have no scientific value, they still fulfil their purpose - a preliminary psychological assessment (degree of probability). Scientific psychological tests are carried out by specialised certified persons. Our system is not a scientific test.

Educational Materials

Our educational resources are a collection of diverse and complementary teaching aids designed to support people with a condition. Our collection of data in the form of e.g. brochures, e-books, articles is chargeable and costs $3.99. Access to PREMIUM content is possible after completing a test relating to the disorder area.

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