A dyslexic is a person who has a specific disorder in reading and writing. This type of problem manifests itself in early childhood, often when the child is just learning to read and write, because he or she does so more slowly than his or her peers and his or her learning is less successful (making the same specific mistakes, despite constant learning and acquiring knowledge). Despite the fact that a dyslexic is often considered intelligent and can be successful in many areas of life (especially in later years), he or she is often considered lazy because he or she has not managed to master certain basics related to reading and writing.

Dyslexic – facts and myths

A dyslexic is undoubtedly a person who needs appropriate therapy. Of course, it must be associated with the age of the dyslexic. Therapy is different for a child and for an adult. And adults also have serious dyslexic problems. What’s more, these problems can become a barrier to going to university or finding a good job. And this is why it becomes so important to fight dyslexia.

Who is a dyslexic? It is a person who has difficulties resulting from a perceptual disorder. Therefore, he or she cannot be looked down upon. If she does not read fluently or confuses a telephone number, she is not doing it on purpose. That is why you must not criticise her. Because that will only make her feel worse.

Wondering if you suffer from dyslexia? You can use an online dyslexia test. Although it has no scientific value, it still fulfils its purpose – a preliminary psychological assessment (degree of probability). Please note that our application is not a diagnostic tool.


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