Signs of dyslexia can appear as early as pre-school age. Whether you are a parent or a teacher – or think you may have dyslexia yourself – here’s what to look out for.

Symptoms of dyslexia related to reading include:

  • Complaining of dizziness, headaches or stomach aches while reading,
  • Confusion with letters, numbers, words, sequences or verbal explanations,
  • Reading requires repetition, addition, omission, substitution and replacement of letters, numbers and/or words,
  • Complaining of feeling or seeing non-existent movement when reading, writing or copying,
  • Alleged vision problems, although an eye test does not reveal a problem,
  • Reading with little comprehension,
  • Spelling words phonetically and inconsistently,
  • Very slow acquisition of reading skills. Reading is slow and awkward,
  • Problems reading unfamiliar words, often guessing as it is difficult to say the words,
  • Lack of strategies for reading new words,
  • Avoidance of reading aloud,
  • Difficulties with reading and spelling in childhood,
  • Reading still requires a lot of effort and is done at a slow pace,
  • Avoidance of reading for pleasure,
  • Slow reading of most material – books, textbooks, subtitles in films.

Wondering if you suffer from dyslexia? You can use an online dyslexia test.