Adult dyslexia, like that of children and adolescents, does not have to be just a threat, a difficulty or a problem of everyday life. More and more professionals are talking about the ‘gift of dyslexia’, which holds the promise of outstanding achievement and personality development.

It is good to be aware of the weaknesses of adult dyslexia, but all the actions of each dyslexic and the people who support them should be related to their strengths.

Weaknesses in adult dyslexia

  • Even the approximate number of dyslexic adults is still unknown,
  • A large proportion of dyslexic adults have never been diagnosed. When they were children, dyslexia was not discussed,
  • The counselling services do not have the tools to help the adult dyslexics who are presenting today,
  • Researchers, in turn, do not have the right tools to study all aspects of adult dyslexia.

Strengths of adult dyslexia (the gift of dyslexia)

Three potentials are referred to:

  • Visual-spatial ability, a holistic way of perceiving (receiving) pictorial material that bypasses comparison of details,
  • Creativity,
  • Personality traits such as ambition or perseverance.

Proof of their existence is the long list of famous dyslexic writers, poets, scientists, politicians, actors.


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