Dyslexia is most often associated with difficulties in reading and writing, but it is also indicated by problems with the functioning of so-called short-term memory, problems with organisation and difficulties following instructions or directions.

Every person with dyslexia is different, with different strengths and weaknesses.

Strengths of a dyslexic person

  • Can be creative and perform well in practical tasks,
  • Spatial thinking e.g. seeing/thinking in 3D, visualising structure from a presented plan,
  • Verbal ability and easy to relate to,
  • Able to think unconventionally and see the full picture in a given situation.

Weaknesses of a dyslexic

  • Has problems with reading, taking notes, remembering numbers, names and dates,
  • Has problems with punctuality, completing tasks on time, organising work, etc,
  • Has problems with spelling,
  • Has problems with short-term memory performance and sequential tasks, e.g. instructions, directions.


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