With the right help, a child with dyslexia can be taught to read, write and spell words, but it cannot be cured. It is a neurological disorder that also causes difficulties in life situations such as remembering telephone numbers or understanding instructions and verbal commands.

Dyslexia is hereditary

Try to remember who in your family has struggled with a reading disorder – a frank conversation with a relative who has experienced similar difficulties can give your child self-confidence and the belief that with work and practice, anything can be learned.

Can dyslexia be cured?

If the disorder is not severe, games and exercises will help remove the problem. But a neglected problem will grow with the child. It is therefore advisable to carry out an initial screening for the risk of dyslexia already at pre-school age. If the child has results indicating a risk of dyslexia, he/she should be offered care, activities and games to support the development of the less developed functions.

Pedagogical therapy, in order to be effective, must last 3-4 years and should start as early as kindergarten or first grade. Sometimes parents think that if there is no clear improvement after one year of exercises, it is not worth continuing. Of course, the results depend on the degree of the disorder, on how many spheres there are deficits in and on the child’s intelligence. For the intellect can compensate for difficulties, although it can also mask them – children can learn to memorise readings in a flash. Therefore: Prevention at pre-school age, conscious exercises with 6 year olds and up to the fourth grade daily activities – playing in a parent-child-teacher or teacher-therapist triangle. Therapy with a specialist once a week will not be effective.


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