The distinction between autism and Asperger’s Syndrome has now been dropped. Until now, childhood autism was considered the most severe form of holistic developmental disorder. In order to diagnose it, it was necessary to identify symptoms in the areas of communication, social interaction and behaviour and play. Many patients were also diagnosed with intellectual disabilities.

Asperger’s Syndrome, on the other hand, is mild autism. It was diagnosed by professionals with impairments in communication with others and behaviour and play. This diagnosis was given to Patients who did not have abnormalities in intellectual functioning and obvious speech development disorders.

Individuals so far diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome often display isolated, heightened interests or limited, repetitive patterns of behaviour and interests. Also noticeable in them are:

  • difficulties in naming and differentiating feelings;
  • attachment to constancy;
  • exaggeratedly formal behaviour;
  • rigid attachment to rules.

The environment perceives Asperger’s patients not so much as sick, but as strange or ill-mannered. It is not uncommon for them to become the subject of jokes, rejection or violence.