A child with ADHD:

  • has difficulty maintaining attention; interrupts activities he or she has started and takes up the next one; lacks attention to detail; makes careless mistakes in school assignments;
  • is easily distracted by external stimuli; often seems not to be listening, to be daydreaming or to be somewhere else; has trouble selecting the most relevant stimulus at the moment (e.g. the teacher’s voice during a lesson);
  • loses objects; is forgetful; has difficulty remembering to complete daily tasks or activities and planning;
  • avoids activities that require concentration and sustained attention (e.g. homework);
  • is excessively active; often runs; has difficulty sitting still, stands up, changes position; plays with objects on the desk/bench while working; unintentionally damages school supplies;
  • speaks quickly and excessively; is loud and boisterous; interrupts others;
  • is impatient; is unable to wait for his/her turn in conversation, games or activities;
  • tends to act without thinking or considering the consequences (e.g. engages in behaviour that may cause injury, harm or accident).

Source / Bibilography

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